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Our own mobile PLUS fume hood desk is the ideal solution for the extraction of toner produced during cartridge remanufacturing.

Its strong uptake capacity together with high filtration allows it to operate in a protected environment.

The machine is already equipped with an electrical panel and lighting, and manual maintenance is accessed through a door with fixed handles and screw knobs.

The suction hood consists of an illuminated work surface placed in a vacuum to prevent the dispersion of dust into the environment.

The filtering system consists of two stages suitable for treating toner dust: the first filtering stage (cartridges) is of the self-cleaning type by means of a compressed air system controlled by a timer; the second stage consists of a high-efficiency absolute filter type H13.

Both the toner retained by the filters and that which falls from the work surface is conveyed into the hopper and then into the PVC bag inside a sheet metal container. The air thus purified is evacuated directly into the working environment, or into the atmosphere through an optional chimney. Supporting structure and casing made of painted sheet steel.

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