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The “LUX” dry painting booth is a system suitable for aspiration and removal of pigments and fumes that are released during spray painting, performed with synthetic and / or organic and / or water solvents.

Use: suction and removal of pigments released during spray painting.

Operation: the air to be filtered, rich in paint pigments, is pushed with fans into a series of dry filters positioned on the front of the booth; then it passes through another series of prefilters positioned behind the front, and finally through cylindrical cartridges containing activated carbon for the abatement of fumes.

Composition: the structure is modular built with panels in press-folded galvanized sheet metal. The assembly takes place by bolting and with the use of specific products for aeronautical and naval use, totally excluding welding.

In the “LUX” dry painting booth, the electric fan is provided externally.

The electrical components used are of the IMQ type and in accordance with the law.

The “LUX” dry painting booth is made in compliance with current regulations on the subject; it is also equipped with a CE certificate.

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