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The pressurized painting booth is a system suitable for suction and removal of pigments and fumes that are released during spray painting, performed with synthetic and/or organic and/or water solvents.

Use: suction and removal of pigments emitted during spray painting.

Operation: the air introduced into the room is taken outside through the fan and filtered, subsequently heated by a hot air generator (or alternatively by an air / water heat exchange coil) and introduced into the pressurized room through a plenum. The air captured by the spray booth is subsequently expelled outside the room through a chimney.

Composition: the pressurized painting booth is composed of: a pressurized room, made with sandwich panels and a support structure in painted tubular section, complete with hinged entrance door and an anti-panic door inside which a water veil painting with sunken or dry tank; a plenum for the introduction of hot air inside the room, complete with fabric filters; a hot air generator installed outside the room, consisting of a diesel / methane burner (alternatively air / water heat exchange coil) and a fan for introducing hot air into the room; a pre-filter for taking air from the outside, complete with filters and bird net; connection pipes in galvanized sheet metal and expulsion chimney.

The pressurized painting booth is made in compliance with the current regulations on the subject; it is also equipped with a CE certificate.

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