The scrubber (or wet filter) is used in case of simultaneous presence of gaseous organic and inorganic pollutants associated to dusts.

Use: suction and filtration of fumes.

Operation: the high speed reached by fumes in the cylinder, causes the atomizing of washing liquid (water) and the consequent direct contact with the polluted particles which cause the separation from the gas stream and the subsequent fall in the inferior collection bin.

Composition: the filter is made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304. The collection bin is equipped with wheels and handles for handling and discharge sleeve.

The Scrubber (or wet filter) is supplied with a Declaration of Conformity, CE mark, Use and Maintenance Manual. Their realization complies with the regulations in force on the subject.

AIRMEC products comply with the regulations provided for by Legislative Decree 3 April 2006 n. 152, which constitute the transposition and implementation of European directives on environmental matters.
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