Candle filter

The candle filter is a system used for the reduction of polluting dust and fumes produced by melting furnaces.

Use: fume extraction and filtration.

Operation: the fumes, cooled in the heat exchanger, are sent to a pulse jet candle filter. The purpose of the candle filter is to collect the gas-borne oven dust and act as a fixed device for the de-acidification process.

For completely reliable operation with low pressure drop and long cartridge life the following features are set:

– Low air-to-fabric ratio

– Good distribution of the gas flow

Composition: The filter is composed of some cellular compartments. The compartment bottoms are equipped with trapezoidal hoppers (minimum slope 60 ° in one corner), with a screw conveyor across the discharge flange; the internal width of this flange is large enough to prevent any clogging. The hopper is equipped with a hatch access and an emergency branch discharge for connection to a mobile suction syste

The candles are vertical, with a round shape; they are made with ceramic elements.

AIRMEC products comply with the regulations provided for by Legislative Decree 3 April 2006 n. 152, which constitute the transposition and implementation of the European directives on environmental matters.
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