Bag filter

The bag filters are adequate for aspiration and filtration of any kind of materials and dusts with the exception of explosive or detonating material.

Use: suction and filtration of powders.

Operating: the material, by means of an appropriately coupled electric fan, is introduced inside the filter. The filter structure forces air to pass through the filtration unit and the material characterized by a particle size greater than the pore diameter of the fabric is deposited in the inner part of the sleeves and by gravitational effect decant in the containment unit. The container filter can store or contain shavings or wood powders up to a maximum of 5/10 mc, it is equipped with a new concept automatic extractor unit.

As optional it is possible to request the roto-valve for materials exhaust also when the machine is running and other components both electronic and mechanical to automatically load briquette machines, boilers and work waste or to transport the stored material for other kind of use.

Composition: The filter is made with a press-folded galvanized sheet paneling. The standard features include cotton sleeves, inspection porthole, extractor, staircase and balcony. The filter does not include the electric fan as it must be selected according to technical and performance requirements.

The container filter does not require any type of foundation and can be completely dismantled and easily transportable. The possibility of applying the mechanical cleaning system to the filtration unit increases the maintenance operations.

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