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Toner cleaning machine is capable of reducing very thin particles.

Use: suction and filtration of toner powders

Operation: Functioning in depression is characterized by a group self-cleaning pre-filter cartridge (via a timer) and post-filter absolute; both types of filters are capable of reducing particles are very thin.

Composition: is made of galvanized steel sheet complete closure perimeter (three sides) and included top lighting.

The machine is supplied with electrical switch starter motor and direct electrical panel for cleaning cartridges, all made according to existing regulations.

Advantages: the work plan for perforated galvanized sheet completely guarantee that all harmful dust to be immediately captured by the source by eliminating any risk to their greetings.

Toner cleaning machine meets the regulations in force.

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AIRMEC products comply with the regulations provided for by Legislative Decree 3 April 2006 n. 152, which constitute the transposition and implementation of European directives on environmental matters.