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The auto carrier aspiring arm represents the best technical solution for welding fumes aspiration, gases, vapors, oil fumes and dusts.

Use: suction and fumes filtration.

Operation: the polluted air is inhaled through the articulated hood, it cross through pipes realized in rugged galvanized sheet, or stainless, anti-scratch or aluminum painted, it reaches, so, to the high efficiency fan or to plant central pipe and from here to the air filtration system used in the specific applications.

Composition: the pipes and the small aspiring hood are joint each other through special external flexible joints, with small arms in press-fusion with high resistance flexible pipe which allow an arm easy and comfortable movement. Furthermore, the arm is equipped with a coupling allowing a 360° rotation and a spring with safety wire lightening the movement of itself.

Advantages: considering the flexible pipe reduced length used in the bends it results load losses significantly lower than other similar systems present on the market. Lower load loss means less power requested to the fan and so energy economy, lower crossing speed and so contained noisiness. This type of arm was planned and built in full compliance with current regulations relative to safety and evacuation of harmful fumes and/or workplace pollutant.

The auto carrier aspiring arm is equipped with a Declaration of Conformity, CE mark and is built in consideration of the current regulations.

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