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AIRMEC provides a prototyping and mass – production service based on an innovative technology through 3D printing system. This innovative system has been developed through industrial and scientific activity.

The service allows customers to simplify the research and development process and finally the production process, promoting the use of biocompatible material (PET and PLA) in the philosophy of a 100% green production, improving the technical and economic performance of developed solutions.

Airmec team provides assistance from the first contact, identifying critical issues, suggesting solutions and supporting customers in prototype and executive development.

The 3D Printer Hub of Airmec has about 10 3D printers, of different size.

The supplied printers are the result of intense years of research and development by experts in the field of industrial automation and mechanical design. 3D printers are made of aluminum tubulars, they count among the main features strength and precision, its architecture has been designed to have an extremely high rigidity to allow productions that can be carried out even at high speeds. The choice of transmission components and the transmission logic allow compliance with high implementation accuracy requirements.

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